How do I access variables from the main class from another class (java)?

Fields are declared outside of a class’s methods and are usually found right below the class declaration. Fields can be accessed by all methods of a class.

They can also be accessed from other classes (unless they are private) using the dot operator.

If a field is marked with static, its class name is used to reference it.
If a field is not static, an object of its class is used to reference it.

public class Man {
        public String name; //this is a field
        public static String gender = "Male"; //this is a static field

        public Man(String newName) {
            name = newName; //assigns the value of a field from within a method

and the other class

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Man bob = new Man("Bob");
        System.out.println(; //referenced from object, prints Bob
        System.out.println(Man.gender); //referenced from class name, prints Male

For more control over the field: