Useful varnishlog commands

varnishtop -i TxStatus

Log client requests (you can also add :503 to check only for 503 being returned to a client

varnishncsa -F "%r %s" | grep " 200"

Give the url that returns 200

varnishlog -c -m RxURL:/specific/url/

Only show client-requests for the url /specific/url

varnishlog -O -i ReqEnd

Only show the ReqEnd tag. Useful to spot sporadic slowdown. Watch the last three values of it.

varnishlog -O -i TxURL

Only show the URLs sent to backend servers. E.g: Cache misses and content not cached.

varnishlog -O -i RxHeader -I Accept-Encoding

Show the Accept-Encoding response header.

varnishlog -b -m TxRequest:POST

Show backend requests using the POST method.

varnishlog -O -i TxURL,TxHeader TxURL,TxHeader

Only shows the URL sent to a backend server and all headers sent, either to a client or backend.