Google G1 MMS / Internet settings. Vodafone UK

To use your Android phone on Vodafone or any other networks you will need to set it up like below.

You need to create two APN’s one for connection to the internet and one for the MMS.

Go to settings>mobile networks> access point names and Click Menu then “New APN”

Enter the following to be able to use the internet on vodafone:

Name: Vodafone Default

APN: internet

APN type:default

The MCC and MNC will be filled in automatacly if you have your simcard inserted in the phone. Mine were set to 234 and 15.

Leave all other settings blank and select menu and SAVE.

You now need to create another APN just like above but for the MMS:

Click menu and ‘New Apn’ and enter these settings

Name: Vodafone MMS


Username: wap

Password: wap


MMS Proxy: (yes its a 0 in front of the 12)

MMS Port: 8799

APN type: mms

click menu and save.

IMPORTANT : YOU MUST restart your phone for settings to work: Hope this helps as it took me two days to figure out.