HDR Bracketing with the D90

I have been playing around with High Dynamic Range, and although some photographers don’t like the effect, I personally love it.

Have just received a “D90” as a Christmas present and needed to set it up to fire a bracket of 3 shots 2 stops apart. I found the following on another website :-

Many people (especially HDR folks) have commented that they would like an auto-bracketing feature where the camera takes the bracketing sequence with only one press of the shutter release button. This allows you to avoid camera shake caused by pressing the shutter release between each exposure.

I have discovered a way to make the camera do this:

1. Press the BKT button and set the bracketing to 3F by rotating the main command dial. Using the sub-command dial set the exposure increment to whatever you like. I prefer 1 stop intervals.

2.Go to CSM c3 Self-timer. Set the delay time, 5 seconds should be enough to allow the camera and tripod to stabilize. Next, set the number of shots to 3.

3. This step is optional. Go to CSM d6 and set the Continuous Low shooting speed to 4 fps.

4. Press the Release mode button and rotate the main command dial until the self-timer icon appears with the Continuous Low shooting icon above it.

5. Press the shutter release button. After the self-timer delay the camera will perform auto-bracketing with one push of the shutter release button.

Hope this is helpful ?